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What Does Odyssey Mean

The origin of this term is closely related to a legend from Ancient Greece. It is found embodied in an epic poem that is attributed to the poet Homer . It is estimated that it was written in the 8th century BC and relates a war that took place in the Asian part where Turkey is currently located . The authorship of this story is attributed to a certain Homer, of whom it is not known for sure if he has existed. According to the legend, it is considered that he was a blind lyrical singer who was linked to the aristocracy, however there are no documents that can truly prove his existence. The name of it comes from its protagonist,Odysseus .

It should be noted that the name of Odysseus became an eponymous for a long and painful journey in which a series of events take place that affect its normal development; it also serves to mention a series of unpleasant incidents that happen to a person, during a certain period of time.
Historians emphasize that The Odyssey is, along with The Iliad , one of the earliest texts in Western literature. In 1922 , the Irish author James Joyce published "Ulysses" , a novel based on The Odyssey of Homer . "Ulysses" had a film version in 1967 and another adaptation in 2003 (directed by Sean Walsh ).
In his first work, "The Iliad", Homer recounts the events around the Trojan War. The Odyssey tells of the return home of the hero Odysseus (or Ulysses , in Latin) after the Trojan War . This journey to the island of Ithaca (where Odysseus was king) takes twenty years. In this period, his wife Penelope and his son Telemachus receive the visit of numerous suitors who seek to marry the woman, since they believe that Odysseus has died. Throughout those twenty years, on the other hand, Penelope and Telemachus they consume family assets.
Thanks to his cunning, Odysseus manages to overcome all the obstacles placed by the gods on his journey. To avoid being conquered by the song of the sirens, for example, Odysseus decides to tie himself to the mast of his boat.
It is a long poem composed of 24 different songs, where each one has a separate structure from the rest and where three main parts can be found, which has led critics to think that in their origins they were three different works that were later unified in this one.

Division of the work
In the beginning the poet invokes the muse and introduces the hero, far from home and in the hands of the nymph Calypso who want to marry him with it ; he is the only one who has remained in Troy when all the other warriors have returned. In addition, the image of Penelope and Telemachus is shown, who refuse to accept the death of Ulysses. This part concludes with the liberation of Ulysses.
In the second part , the adventures are narrated on the way back, the immense dangers Ulysses must face the help of Athena to reach the land of the Phaeacians, where the princess Nausicaa it rescues and takes him to the palace his father . Here the central character becomes Alcinous who narrates his war experiences, after which he offers him a boat so that he can reach Ithaca healthy.
The last part narrates his return to Ithaca where together with his son they plan revenge against those who wanted to marry Penelope and had assured him that he had died. In the palace a duel takes place between the suitors, where the hand of Penelope will win who can draw the bow of Ulysses, no one manages to do it, only Ulysses and, with the help of his son, kills his adversaries and then Penelope recognizes him .

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