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What Does octagon Mean

Establishing the etymological origin of the term octagon, leads us to make it clear that it derives from the Greek. Specifically, it emanates from the sum of two words in that language that result in the meaning “geometric body that has eight angles”:

• “okto”, which can be translated as “eight”.

• "Gono", which is synonymous with "angle".

The Greek term derived from the Latin octagōnos , which came to our language as an octagon or octagon . Both versions are accepted by the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) , which refers to its meaning as a polygon that has 8 sides and, therefore, 8 angles.
When adding the interior angles of one of these geometric figures, the result will be 6 pi radians or 1080º . It is important to note, however, that we can distinguish between different kinds of octagons.

The regular octagon is one whose 8 sides and angles are equal. This means that the union of each side forms an angle that measures 135º : if we already mentioned that the sum of the internal angles of an octagon always gives 1080º and in the case of regular octagons all the angles are equal, we only have to divide 1080º Enter 8 angles to find out how long an angle is.
In a similar vein, it is easy to find the perimeter of a regular octagon. We only need to know the length of one of the sides and then multiply it by 8, since all the sides are equal and the perimeter is the sum of the lengths of those sides.
In irregular octagons , which have sides of different lengths, these properties are not fulfilled.
We cannot ignore that there is also what is known as an energy octagon. This is a term that is used within the sphere of the stars, esotericism, clairvoyance ... It refers to an eight-sided symbol that is considered to be a great tool to attract good energy and positivity. So much so that it is believed that through this the cells of the body recover, are renewed and that results in the disappearance of pain and diseases of all kinds.
It is also said that it is the result of the sum of three octagons of different sizes: the boy, who is the one who is in relation to both earthly and divine love; the medium, which refers to the spirit and unconditional love; and the great one, which is the mixture of transmutation, healing and unconditional love.
Through the union of these three elements it is possible to give shape to the aforementioned energy octagon that, in addition to the above, is considered to combat cases of impotence, put an end to stress, clean the aura of the person in question, improve energy and avoid the arrival of negative forces occurs.
Finally, it is known as the octagon, the ring where certain mixed martial arts fights take place. As it is easy to suppose, this name obeys the shape of the stage that hosts the fights. For example: "The Brazilian fighter only lasted one minute in the octagon before being knocked out by his opponent . "

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