What is obtaining?

What Does obtaining Mean

Obtaining , from the Latin word obtentio , is the act and result of obtaining : achieving, conquering, acquiring. This concept is used in different ways depending on the context.

The idea of obtaining is often used in relation to obtaining a title or trophy or reaching a goal . For example: “Stephen Curry's team celebrated the obtaining of a new NBA ring” , “The obtaining of the championship was celebrated by thousands of people on the streets of the city” , “We dreamed of obtaining the cup, but unfortunately we could not meet the objective ” .
The notion of obtaining also refers to accessing something or becoming the owner or creditor of a certain element . The obtaining citizenship , in this context, refers to complete the formal steps to receive the documentation attesting a new nationality.

Typically, obtaining citizenship can be done by naturalization or by option. The state that grants citizenship usually requires certain requirements, such as having a certain number of years of residence in the country or passing an exam.
Obtaining can also make mention of generating or collecting something . The production of electricity , in this sense, it is possible to concretize through wind power or solar energy, to mention two possibilities. These energies can be converted into electricity.
To obtain a DNA sample , meanwhile, saliva, urine, blood, semen, sweat, hair, cut nails, teeth or bones can be used. Starting from these elements, you have access to the person's DNA .
We can say that obtaining is one of those words that is especially difficult to define because, although it is an action that we perform on a daily basis, it is such a broad and context-dependent concept that it is practically impossible to summarize it in a sentence. One of its main features, precisely, is that it can help us to talk about the objective of an extensive and arduous process , as it happens with a university study that aims to obtain a degree , or to a natural question that occurs passively in many organisms like obtaining oxygen from different sources, air being the main one.
In these and other cases we can appeal to the verb obtain to give our speech a more active character: «I have finally obtained the title , after so many years of effort» , «Thanks to the functioning of our respiratory system, the lungs obtain the oxygen they need. it is present in the air . '

Note that it is more natural to say that a living being obtains something than to assign this action to an organ of the body; therefore, in such a case we could paraphrase the second sentence using the term obtaining : "Obtaining oxygen takes place in the lungs . "
Here is a short list of synonyms for the word obtaining , most of which are more common in everyday speech: achievement, achievement, profit, acquisition, profit, and product . We could say that achievement is one of the most similar, one that most accurately reflects or summarizes its meaning; however, its use in everyday speech is even less frequent.
If defining obtaining is relatively difficult, finding an antonym for this term is almost an impossible task. This occurs with many others, and it occurs because its meaning does not present a reality with two poles, which admits two possible states, but rather an action or situation that, if it does not take place, does not leave a gap . For example: an antonym of success is failure , but if we do not obtain a title, for certain reasons, it is not taken away from us, but we remain in the initial state.

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