What is objective reality?

What Does objective reality Mean

The notion of reality refers to what has a true or authentic existence , as opposed to what happens on the plane of imagination or fantasy. Objective , on the other hand, is what refers to an object in itself, leaving aside the thoughts, feelings and emotions of the person.

The concept of objective reality is linked to objects and subjects that have physical (material) existence , beyond what a subject knows or knows about them. Objective reality, therefore, exists even when we are not aware of it.
A wooden table that is inside a house has a real existence, it belongs to objective reality. It does not matter that one, five, one hundred or a million people have no idea of ​​their presence there: the table exists objectively.

It is possible to say that objective reality can be located in space and time , being quantifiable and capable of measurement . This reality is independent of the individual : it is always the same, regardless of who perceives it.
If we return to the example of the wooden table, it could be said that, at a specific time (Tuesday, December 10, 2014 at 11 a.m., for example), it is in a certain place (in a house on Calle 58 al 520 of the city of San Marcos). This objective existence goes beyond the observer, who can be anyone (Juan, Marta, Ricardo, John, Alexis, Jennifer…).
Different is the case of subjective reality , which depends on individual perception. Someone may say about a soccer game : "The United States played very badly . " This comment implies a subjective qualification and does not refer to an objective reality.
The science focuses specifically on the search for objective reality, knowing reality objectively through observation of natural phenomena relating them according to dupla cause and effect . When an event can be repeated indefinitely without altering the result, we can say that its description is objective, although this entails the need for a series of tests to find its limits.
To be able to say with certainty that water boils at 100 degrees Celsius, for example, it is necessary to know what happens when it is at other temperatures, what its states are and the conditions for it to pass from one to another. This type of observation of nature takes time, entails the need for knowledge that arises from experimentation, tools that cannot always be manufactured with the available technology and a lot of patience and dedication; In short, objective reality is strict and rigid , it does not accept assumptions.

The journalism is another area in which premium the need to find an objective reality behind the facts. Despite the unethical examples, which are becoming more and more common in the digital age, the fundamental goal of journalists is to communicate the facts in the most neutral and objective way possible , without nuances that arise from their ideals, without influencing the thinking of those who consume your items.
One of the most common manipulation tactics is to alter the perception of reality to get subjectivity mixed with objectivity ; For example, a person who seeks allies to confront a certain social group can misrepresent a series of facts to tarnish his image and make it reprehensible. Human beings are very susceptible to this type of action, and many times we end up hating beings who have done nothing wrong, without even knowing why.

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