What is Oak?

What Does Oak Mean

Oak is the name given to different trees belonging to the Fagaceae family , especially those species of the Quercus genus . In some cases, however, trees in the Nothofagaceae family are called oak .

In general, oaks are trees with a thick trunk and a height of more than twenty meters. They have large branches with evergreen leaves and bitter-tasting fruits. The main characteristic of oak is the hardness of its wood.
The value of its wood for the construction sector and the beauty of these trees make oak one of the species most appreciated by humans . In fact, the notion of oak is often used symbolically to refer to a man of great strength , whether physical or spiritual. For example: "The grandfather has been hospitalized for a week, but I am sure that he will succeed: he is an oak tree" , "The Uruguayan forward is an oak tree: despite the hard blow he suffered in the first half, he continued playing" , "I do not care about attacks and offenses, I am an oak tree that no false accusation will knock down . "

It is known as common oak to the Quercus robur , a tree found in Europe and western Asia . The common oak is usually located in lands of up to 1,000 meters of altitude, with an oceanic climate and cool soil.
In addition to these data, it is worth knowing other equally interesting about the so-called common oak, such as these:

-Its growth is slow, so much so that it may be increasing until it is 200 years old.

-The best known worldwide is, without a doubt, that of Guernica, which died in the 19th century after having managed to survive 1,000 years.

-Its roots have the quality that they can go up to 1.5 meters deep.

-It can perfectly exceed 40 meters in height.

-In Spain there are many corners of its geography where it is easy to find oaks. Specifically, we are referring to provinces such as León, Palencia or Huesca as well as autonomous communities such as Galicia, the Basque Country and Catalonia.

-Basically the common oak we can determine that, in turn, it is divided into three subspecies such as: the estremadurensis, which has the thinnest leaves and is found in Portugal; the robur, which is located in the lands of Galicia; and the broteroana, which achieves domes between 18 and 23 millimeters and is present in parts of northwestern Spain.
Of the aforementioned Guernica oak we can highlight that it was located in front of what was the Town Hall of the town and that it is considered that it came to represent the traditional freedoms of the Basque Country. The original one, "the Father", lived until 1742, to be replaced by "the Old Man" who remained perfect until his death in 1892. From that moment on, his children have settled in the place and replaced him in different periods.

The American red oak , the sessile oak , the Japanese evergreen oak and white oak oriental are other types of oaks.

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