What is novitiate?

What Does novitiate Mean

The idea of novitiate has several uses in the realm of religion . This is the name of the trial stage that a person goes through before making the vows and beginning to profess .

Whoever is in the novitiate is called a novice or novice . The group of novices , meanwhile, is also called a novitiate, as is the building or the place where these apprentices live .
The novitiate period appears in Buddhism and Christianity . It is considered as a preparation : it allows the novice to know the congregation or the religious group and acquire the precepts that he will apply when professing.

Although the time is variable, at a general level it can be said that the novitiate lasts between six and twenty-four months. If, upon completing this phase, the novice remains convinced of his vocation , he is ready to take his vows and take the habits.
Beyond the religious, the novitiate is mentioned as the initial moments in an activity, an office, etc. During the novitiate, the individual develops a learning process and gains experience .
For example : "The population tends to take the first year of a government as a novitiate and therefore tolerates some errors without major protests or complaints" , "My novitiate was at the club in my neighborhood, I arrived in Europe as a trained player" , "I do not have time for the novitiate, I must be useful for the company immediately or I will be fired . "
The Novitiate of the Apostolic Ladies of the Sacred Heart of Jesus , finally, is a building complex which is in the district of Chamartin in Madrid . These buildings in the Spanish capital, designed by Críspulo Moro Cabeza , were erected in the 1920s .

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