What is nothingness?

What Does nothingness Mean

It is known as nadaísmo a poetic movement of vanguard born in Colombia at the end of the decade of 1950 and developed during the 60s . Gonzalo Arango is pointed out as its main promoter, accompanied by poets such as Jotamario Arbeláez , Jaime Jaramillo Escobar , Humberto Navarro , Jaime Espinel , Amílcar Osorio and Diego León Giraldo , among others.

Inspired by Surrealism and Dadaism , Nadaism opposed academicism . It was a nihilistic current whose name comes from the concept of nothing .

The referents of Nadaism defended sexual freedom and the use of drugs . His philosophy aimed to free man from idealism and reason to surrender to instincts and pleasure .
In the First Nadaísta Manifesto , released in 1958 , Arango defined Nadaism as a “state of the revolutionary spirit” and the artist as a “privileged being” who has “certain exceptional and mysterious gifts” . For the nadaísmo, in addition, poetry is an “act that is exhausted in itself” and that does not have a moralizing or social purpose.
Regarding the characteristics of his poetic creation, Nadaism rejected aestheticism and confronted manners . His works resorted to irreverence and the destruction of canons.
It is interesting to note that Nadaism did not seek to achieve a change in society since it considered that this was impossible. Its purpose was the action of change itself, questioning and attacking in this process the prevailing beliefs and current institutions.

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