What is nominal?

What Does nominal Mean

Nominal is an adjective that allows naming that belonging to or relative to the name . The term (originating from the Latin word nominālis ) is often used to refer to what has a name for something but lacks the reality of it in part or in all.

This can be understood with the example of salary . The real wage is given by the amount of goods that a worker can acquire with the volume of money that he receives for his activity. That is, the real salary is your purchasing power. The nominal salary , on the other hand, represents the volume of money assigned by the position that the worker occupies. If the nominal wage is not updated periodically and there is a period of inflation, the worker's purchasing power is reduced (he receives the same level of income but is able to buy fewer products).

This distinction makes it possible to differentiate between a real salary increase or a simple readjustment. If a worker receives a 5% increase in his real salary and inflation is 10%, his purchasing power will continue to decrease.
The nominal interest rate , on the other hand, is the profitability that a financial product provides periodically. For example: when making a two-year deposit with a nominal interest rate of 5% for a value of $ 500, at the end of the period the interest would reach 50 dollars.
In addition to all this, we would have to refer to the fact that what is known as a nominal vote is used in the field of politics. Thus, this term is used to refer to those voting processes that are carried out by giving each person both their first and last names.
Grammar is another discipline that also resorts to the use of the term at hand on various occasions. Thus, in particular, he does it to create the concept of nominal sentence. This we can say that it is a phrase that does not have a verb or that if it does, it is of a copulative type. One singularity that is worth noting is that it is often used with some assiduity in the media to create news headlines.
Some examples that can work to understand that sentence are the following: "What a boring conference!", "Blas, Epi's best friend", "Lionel Messi, the best forward in football history", "The president from the government, concerned about the current state of the country ”.
For linguistics, a noun phrase is one that has a noun as its nucleus (either a noun, a substantiated adjective or a pronoun).
Also within Linguistics, what is known as a nominal predicate is also discussed. This is a term that is used to refer to all that predicate that is made up of the following two elements: copulative verb and an attribute.
There are three copulative verbs: see, be and seem. Meanwhile, the attribute can be an adverb, an adjective, a noun, a noun phrase, a prepositional phrase, an infinitive or a pronoun.

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