What is Nickname?

What Does Nickname Mean

Nickname is a term that refers to the nickname given to an individual according to some physical characteristic or circumstance. There are nicknames that are affectionate manifestations, while others seek to make a fool of the person or make fun of them.

The most common nicknames are linked to bodily issues: Fat , Skinny , Black , etc. Its use can be simply appealing, but also discriminatory or aggressive. The subject who receives the nickname, on the other hand, may take it in a positive, indifferent or angry way.
Many times the way the nickname is considered depends on the context . If a friend says to another "Hello, Gordo, how are you doing?" , the expression is not likely to be offensive. On the other hand, if he yells "Come on, Gordo, hurry up, you're always late!" , probably the nickname does not feel comfortable.

Offensive nicknames can have serious psychological consequences, especially during the most delicate stages of our development , such as childhood and adolescence. In an ideal world, no one would call another person with a term that denotes some physical defect or mental disability; but the reality is that these are the most common nickname types.
It should be noted that not all people react in the same way to the same offense; in fact, the possibilities are endless, and depend on a large number of factors related to one 's personality and experiences . Two extreme examples are an individual who sinks and becomes emotionally blocked because he cannot bear the humiliation that his nickname implies, compared to another who does his best to overcome himself and become invulnerable to attack.
There are nicknames that, for multiple reasons, refer to animals . Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi is often called the Messi Flea , to name one case. El Toro Acuña , El Tigre Falcao and Pitbull Medel are other footballers with animal nicknames.
Also in the field of music nicknames are often used. Bruce Springteen is known as the Boss ( The Boss ), while Elvis Presley was called the King ( The King ).
According to the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ), nicknames are written with an initial capital letter. The article used before the nickname, on the other hand, begins with a small letter: “Argentina won with a goal from Messi Flea” , “Tomorrow the Chief will sing at the National Stadium” .

Since the advent of the Internet in our lives, it has become extremely common to adopt one or more nicknames to communicate with other people, or even to identify ourselves against the various companies with which we establish links. From the chat to the account of our bank, through the inevitable email box and profiles on social networks, this era is characterized by the widespread use of the nickname to move through the cyber space.
Just as an avatar allows us to show ourselves with the body, age and sex that we want to have, the nickname gives us the opportunity to present ourselves in the best possible way, according to our needs and our tastes. In some cases it is used to refer to our hobbies or favorite artists, for example, while in others it can also be used to promote a professional activity.
Someone whose nickname is "singer81" can either save a good chunk of their chat presentation , or steer the conversation to where they feel most confident from the start. On the other hand, "elNintendero" will surely make its way among Sony and Microsoft fans to find their fellow tastes without the need for bad drinks. In the professional field, it is very common to find users with nicknames that clearly indicate their specialty.

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