What is natural?

What Does natural Mean

From the Latin naturalis , the term natural has several meanings and uses. It is an adjective that refers to that which belongs to or is related to nature . For example: "This juice is natural, it does not have any preservatives or additives . "

On the other hand, natural is what is in accordance with the property or quality of things : "It is natural that the table has broken, it could not bear so much weight on it" , "If you put colored clothes and a white sheet in the washing machine , it is natural that it fades ” .
Natural can be what appears as opposed to the miraculous or the supernatural , that is, that takes place by the forces of nature: "The people have been punished with a natural catastrophe of immense proportions" , "The fire started by natural causes ” .

A natural person is one who acts spontaneously in his behavior: "Ricardo is very natural, it is impossible not to realize what he is feeling" , "Your mother does not act naturally, I think she is hiding something . " The concept is also often used to refer to someone who does not like to adorn themselves with accessories, who is always dressed simply and who avoids earrings, necklaces and makeup.
Another application of the concept of natural is linked to what is regular and happens regularly , so it is credible: "Snow is natural in Bariloche during this time of year . "
Natural also refers to the native of a specific town , nation or territory: "This writer is a native of Argentina, although he has lived in Colombia for many years , " "My team has hired a player who is a native of Liberia . "
In the field of music , a natural note is one that is not modified by sharp or flat.
A nature reserve is a wild place protected by the military and paramilitary groups of the territory where it is necessary to meet a series of requirements if you want to stay, in order to preserve the place in the most virgin way possible, collaborating with the tranquility of the species that in they inhabit, many of which are usually endemic .
When visiting a natural park, you cannot camp unless there is a delimited perimeter for this purpose, you cannot make fire or hunt or disturb the animals that inhabit the territory, or carry out any task that could disturb the tranquility and order of the place.

Some examples of nature reserves are Los Alerces National Park (Chubut, Argentina), Sierra Nevada (Andalusia, Spain), La Selva Negra (Germany) and Yugid Va (Komi, Russia).
Natural death
Finally, it should be mentioned that in forensic terminology, the concept of natural death refers to the death of a person due to the cessation of the physiological functions that allow the normal functioning of their body. It differs from violent death because it is caused by an accident or some sudden event that stops the functioning of the organs in an unexpected way.

In ancient times, this term was used a lot, but with the advancement of technologies it has been leading to more precise ones. In any case, it can be said that a death is considered natural when there is no identifiable external cause as a trigger for it.
It is also called this if the reason for the death was an illness but the patient had not received medical attention to solve it. For example, if a patient suffers from a serious illness and dies at home without the help of a doctor, he dies naturally; On the other hand, if said disease is detected and he is hospitalized, then the cause of death will be determined by the specialists.

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