What is muscle power?

What Does muscle power Mean

The notion of muscular power refers to the force that a person can apply with a movement and the speed with which said application is carried out. It is, therefore, the ability of an individual to exert force quickly.

Another way to understand the concept of muscular power is as the application of maximum force in the shortest possible time . In certain sports , the muscle power result can be measured over a distance.
Take the case of the javelin throw , a discipline that is part of athletics . The thrower has to overcome a charge (the weight of the javelin) and, through one movement, throw it as far as possible. The competitor who manages to throw the javelin the furthest becomes the winner (and the athlete who shows the greatest muscular power).

The muscular power, in short, is the ability of an individual to develop a great acceleration and to overcome a certain resistance . The greater the resistance to overcome, the greater the muscular power required.
It is important to note that muscular power needs are not the same for all athletes. A footballer, for example, needs a different kind of muscle power than a weightlifter must have. While some sports seek to maximize the strength of the athlete, others choose to increase their speed .
This reveals, on the other hand, that muscle power can be exercised in different ways. The physical exercises to be carried out depend on the interests of the person and the qualities that they intend to improve in their performance, but the most important thing is to look for those that require explosive execution.
In any case, training and improving muscle power makes a favorable difference in the practice of a sport . For example, if a basketball player is able to jump higher and faster than his opponents, it is likely that he can win the most defensive and offensive rebounds, as well as giving his team a greater number of possessions, which is it translates into more shooting opportunities and therefore more chances of winning.
Let's look at some ideal exercises to increase muscle power. All of them should be programmed at the beginning of each training session, as is done with the maximum strength ones; the more relaxed and rested we are, the more we can take advantage of them. Broadly speaking, we distinguish two large groups of exercises :

They are based on the passage from the eccentric to the concetric phase, performed at high speed with exercises in which the anaerobic alactic metabolism intervenes and stretching-shortening cycles (CEA) are used. Muscle power can be considerably increased with plyometrics exercises , thanks to the increase in elastic force obtained from short and fast actions.
The most used type of exercise in this category is called multi- jumps, and it can be combined in several ways: show jumping, jump rope, and so on. Likewise, it is possible to use jumps from different heights that are continued with a second jump after the fall.
These exercises aimed at improving muscle power are based on executing a certain movement at a constant speed. Although the equipment commonly found in gyms are not specific to this type of training, many of them can be adapted without problem; For the lower body, for example, it is recommended to combine guided squats, quadriceps extensors and bench presses.
It is worth mentioning that progressively decreasing the load without altering the speed of an exercise helps to improve the coordination of muscle fibers with the nervous system , both for the lower and upper segments.

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