What is mundane?

What Does mundane Mean

Even Latin you have to leave in order to find the etymological origin of the worldly term that we are now going to analyze. And it is that it derives from “mundanus”, which can be translated as “that belongs to the world” and that is made up of two different parts:

• The noun “mundus”, which is synonymous with “world”.

• The suffix “-ano”, which is used to indicate “membership”.

Mundano is an adjective that has its origin in the Latin term mundānus . The concept is often used to qualify the individual who is oriented to earthly issues , leaving aside spirituality or the symbolic .
For example: "I do not like to waste time with reflections or meditations: I am a worldly and simple man" , "My uncle spent many years in a monastery, until he preferred to focus on more mundane matters and went to work in a hospital" , "Some analyze very complex issues and forget about worldly needs . "

The notion of mundane is also used to name the human being who privileges carnal or earthly pleasure and everything related to parties and the good life : "I gave myself to mundane life and now I attend cocktails and banquets on a daily basis" , "If you like worldly pleasures, you should join the celebration that Marcos will offer at his home" , "Our magazine is a true guide with tips to enjoy the worldly . "
Precisely starting from that meaning, there is the term "worldly woman". This is used to refer to that woman who makes a living practicing prostitution.
The mundane, on the other hand, is associated with the world in general. In this way, it can be said that a worldly man is a globetrotting subject , who has traveled various countries throughout his life and is therefore supposed to accumulate valuable experiences and to have general knowledge about different cultures.
In the same way, it is common to talk about what is known as worldly love. This comes to be the love that is established in a real way between two people who love each other and who maintain a relationship, which they can strengthen through a marriage or children in common, for example.
However, being a love that occurs in the earthly life of the human being, it can also be very painful. And it is possible that the person in question is not reciprocated or that he is betrayed, in various ways.
Faced with that earthly love, let's put it like this, there is so-called divine love. This we can say that it is both what a person feels for God and what is considered to be received from God. Moreover, it is believed, on the part of religion, that the existence of man and woman is the best example of the love that the Almighty feels for the human species.

In a similar sense, a worldly musical style can be said to be one that combines influences from various geographical regions: "His worldly music surprised audiences by the variety of rhythms . "

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