What is Multimeter?

What Does Multimeter Mean

The multimeter is a device that is used for the measurement of electrical quantities . These instruments can be used with alternating current or direct current .

Also known as a tester or multimeter , the multimeter can measure passive quantities (such as resistance ) or active quantities (such as voltage ). There are analog multimeters and digital multimeters .
Multimeters use galvanometers , which can record the intensity of very small electrical currents. The galvanometer completes a certain electrical circuit for the measurement of the various quantities.

Due to its characteristics, the multimeter can work in different ways. As an ohmmeter , it is able to measure resistances in ohms. As a voltmeter , it is used to measure the potential difference between points in an electrical circuit. Another mode of the multimeter is its operation as an ammeter , measuring the intensity of currents.
Ideally, a multimeter as a voltmeter draws no current and has infinite input resistance. Similarly, as an ideal ammeter, the multimeter does not register voltage drop and has zero input resistance. The characteristics of the real equipment, however, are different.
In some cases, multimeters may offer additional features. Being used to test telephone lines, check the electronic circuits of a car or function as an oscilloscope are some of the possibilities .
On the other hand, it is important to note that, as a safety mechanism, multimeters usually have one or two fuses . This allows that, if there is an excess of current, the appliance is not damaged.

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