What is multidisciplinarity?

What Does multidisciplinarity Mean

Multidisciplinary is called the condition of multidisciplinary . The adjective multidisciplinary (or multidisciplinary ), meanwhile, refers to what involves or encompasses different disciplines .

It is important not to confuse multidisciplinarity with interdisciplinarity ( interdisciplinarity ). In multidisciplinarity, each discipline maintains its precepts and methods. The interdisciplinary , however, is associated with a mixture of disciplines, which are integrated.

Multidisciplinarity is associated with cooperation between disciplines, but not with interactivity between them. It lacks an integration similar to that seen with interdisciplinarity.
There are other notions that can be confused with multidisciplinarity, but they do not refer exactly to the same thing. The transdisciplinarity , for example, beyond the limits disciplinary while pluridisciplinarity involves a union without integration of two or more disciplines.
It is common for multidisciplinarity to appear in the field of health . A patient is usually cared for and attended by experts from different areas, who work together to carry out diagnoses and define treatments. These experts, such as cardiologists, pulmonologists, infectious diseases specialists, etc., collaborate with each other, although each one contributes what is related to their specialty. That is why there is a multidisciplinary care of the state of the individual.
An investigation that is carried out with a criterion of multidisciplinarity, meanwhile, uses the participation of different professionals. An NGO , to cite a case, can summon a sociologist, an anthropologist and an economist to generate a report on the cultural production and consumption of a community.
In these two examples, the cooperative nature of multidisciplinarity can be seen quite clearly: each professional or group of professionals contributes their knowledge and techniques in different stages, all with the same final objective but without merging with the others. In other words, it is as if a box traverses a path through an automatic tape along which one worker puts the content on it, another closes it, another puts a label on it and the last one removes it and stacks it: none of them You must collaborate directly with others, but do your homework individually and in isolation.

In the field of video game development, for example, it is very common for such collaboration to take place, although it can also border on interdisciplinarity. It all depends on each company and, ultimately, on the needs of each project. In general, the disciplines involved are the following, among others: engine programming, interface programming, gameplay programming , story and script writing, two-dimensional drawing, three-dimensional design, animation, musical composition, creation of sounds, marketing and creation of promotional videos (known as trailers ).
Although some of these fields coincide in the many meetings that take place throughout the extensive development process to make decisions and gradually shape the final game, the normal thing is that once the list of tasks is defined, each one unfolds by separate, without direct influence from others . In this case, it may happen that the limitations imposed by one of them affect the others; for example: the capabilities of the engine, which one of the teams develops, strongly conditions the freedom of almost all the other creative teams, with regard to the characteristics and complexity of the game. However, it is not normal for their knowledge to be merged to solve problems, with few exceptions.
This means that for multidisciplinarity to be fulfilled, each team must work using their own knowledge and professional training . If this is not enough to meet the objectives set but it becomes necessary to cross this barrier, then we speak of interdisciplinarity.

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