What is multi-ethnic?

What Does multi-ethnic Mean

The multiethnic adjective is used to qualify that which encompasses or brings together different ethnic groups . An ethnic group, meanwhile, is a human group that is defined by cultural, racial or other similarities.

The idea of ​​multiethnic is used with reference to the State, the association, the entity or the movement that includes different ethnic groups . This means that it presents diversity , since it has members who show varied characteristics.
Bolivia , for example, is a multi-ethnic country. Or plurinational , as it is officially called by the recognition of the pre-existence of nations in its territory before the Spanish conquest. These nations refer to Aymara , Quechuas , Guaraní , Ayoreo and other ethnic groups.

Another case is Colombia , which underwent an extensive process of miscegenation that began with the Spanish conquest, which resulted in a great cultural wealth, which combines customs of various origins. Human beings do not usually accept cultural or racial diversity easily, at least not right off the bat. This leads to discrimination, which can manifest itself in many ways, all of them regrettable.
To deal with this phenomenon, a profound awareness-raising effort is necessary to show citizens the richness that lies behind diversity , so that they leave behind contempt and change it for an acceptance that may be natural. A multi-ethnic country should be preferable to a mono-ethnic one, precisely because the variety of origins enhances its cultural development and pushes it to unpredictable horizons.
In many cases, the rejection that certain ethnic groups receive from the majority leads them to despise themselves. This is a very dangerous situation, because it threatens the continuity of their cultural heritage in pursuit of a conversion to reduce hostility . No one should feel less valuable or worthy of respect because of their race; on the contrary, discovering oneself different should be a reason for joy and promote the dissemination of one's differences in order to enrich others.
Returning to the multiethnic character of Colombia, the Conquest led to the mixing of three cultures: the African, the American Indian and the European (mainly, the Spanish). Thus took place the emergence of the mestizos, mulatos, zambos and cuarterones. Mestizo is defined as the son of a white and an Amerindian; In other words, one parent must be race white ( a term that today would not be accurate enough to identify it ) and the other Amerindian race.
A mulatto , on the other hand, was the son of a black person and a white person. Then we have the concept of zambo , the process of miscegenation that took place when the parents were an indigenous person from America and the other, black. Finally we have the quadroon , the individual who was born in the American continent from a combination of mestizo and Spanish genes.

Throughout history there have been many cases of multiethnic states (or multiethnic , which means the same thing). The coexistence between the ethnic groups was more or less harmonious according to each one, there were even acts of violence between communities.
The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia , which emerged after the Second World War , was a multi-ethnic state that was dissolved in 1992 . In their search for independence and territorial control, the Croats , Serbs , Albanians and Bosnians were involved in armed conflicts that left thousands of deaths.
It is important to mention that, beyond official recognition and immigration laws, most countries are currently multi-ethnic. This is due to the migrations that lead people of multiple nationalities and cultures to live together in cosmopolitan cities, such as New York or London , to mention two possibilities.

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