What is MP4?

What Does MP4 Mean

MP4 is a type of multimedia file and a compression method for video and audio . It is a document that contains a video and an audio track, which can be encoded in different ways.

The notion of MP4 comes from MPEG-4 Part 14 . It can be said that it is a standard that applies to various encoding formats and technologies related to the Moving Picture Experts Group ( MPEG ).
MP4 is used for the transmission of audiovisual content over the Internet , especially for streaming . It is also used in video conferencing and television applications.

Experts define MP4 as a container format : it stores video and audio data along with the information necessary for its synchronization according to a format set in its technical specifications. The audiovisual tracks, in this framework, are compressed according to various codecs.
It is important not to confuse MP4 with MP3 . While MP4 contemplates audio and video, the MP3 format is associated with a compressed audio file with signal losses that do not usually significantly affect its quality.
Since MP4 is an audio and video container format that works with different codecs, it can contain sounds encoded in MP3. However, an MP3 file cannot include videos.
MP4 is also called, on the other hand, the portable digital media file player . These devices are often incompatible with .mp4 files ; anyway, this name is used to present them as an evolution of MP3 players, focused exclusively on audio.
In addition to the one already mentioned, among the most notable differences that come to be indicated between the mp3 and the mp4 we can highlight the following:

-The mp4 offers a higher sound quality. This is because, although both compress the songs, in the case of mp3 there is a greater loss of said quality than in the case of mp4.

-The mp4, in addition, it should be noted that it has a greater storage capacity. And that is thanks to the fact that it allows the files stored in it to be compressed much more. We are referring not only to songs but also to videos and even images.

-In the same way, you have to know that, as a general rule, the aforementioned mp4 accepts files in a greater number of formats than its predecessor.

-In this list of differences it must be included that the usual thing is that the most modern player has a larger screen than the oldest one.

-Also another peculiarity is that the mp4 was created by Apple.
It is interesting to know that advanced technology by leaps and bounds and on sale we can already find the mp5. This not only has greater storage capacity and a more remarkable sound quality, but it has gone one step further. Thus, it not only reproduces images, audios or videos but can also capture them. Not forgetting either that it has a television outlet, it can take pictures and it can even act as a simulator of what are video game consoles.

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