What is motorcycle?

What Does motorcycle Mean

A motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle , designed to transport one or two people. It is a car since it is a means of transport that can move by itself without having to resort to roads or lanes.

Although many times three or even more individuals get on the motorcycle, this practice is risky. To carry more than two subjects, the motorcycle needs the addition of a sidecar : a small vehicle of a wheel that attaches to the side of the bike.

The mobility of the motorcycle, which is colloquially called a motorcycle , is given by an engine . The characteristics of the engine depend on the motorcycle model: most engines run on fuel, although there are also electric powered engines.
It can be said that a motorcycle is similar to a bicycle . The main difference is given by the presence of the motor in the motorcycle, while the bicycle moves by the force that the human being performs when pedaling.
A moped or scooter , on the other hand, is a kind of motorcycle that features an open frame. The conductor sits on it.
Due to its characteristics, a motorcycle - a term that comes from the French word motocyclette - is a vehicle whose use is usually considered quite dangerous because, in the absence of a body, any collision generates an impact on the driver and the passenger or even their fall. The use of a helmet to protect the head , in this framework, is essential for safety or may even be mandatory depending on the regulations in force in each region.

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