What is morgue?

What Does morgue Mean

The concept of morgue has its etymological origin in the French language. Specifically, we can establish that it derives from the French word "morgue", which was how the cell in which prisoners were processed before their incarceration was originally known.

However, this term evolved and now, at present, refers to a place destined to the storage of corpses before their burial or cremation .
It is a refrigerated site so that the bodies are not corrupted while a judicial investigation or some type of scientific study is carried out . These procedures mean that the remains cannot be transferred to the cemetery in the usual deadlines, hence it is necessary for them to remain in the morgue.

The morgue is often located inside a hospital , although it can also function in another building. Many times a body is taken to the morgue for an autopsy to determine the causes of death of the person.
When an unknown individual is found dead, it is common for him to be sent to the morgue until he knows who it is. Those who could get to know the identity of the deceased should approach the morgue to make the corresponding recognition.
Suppose that a 46-year-old man dies in a car accident . Because he does not have any documentation on him and the witnesses to the event do not know him, the subject cannot be identified and therefore is taken to a morgue. Several hours later, a woman who reported her husband missing is asked to go to the morgue to try to recognize the victim who died in the accident. Seeing the body, this lady identifies it .
Depending on the refrigeration arranged in the morgue, the corpses decompose more or less quickly. In a room at a temperature of up to 4 ºC , a body can remain for a few weeks with a decomposition that develops slowly but continuously. If the temperature is reduced to -10 ºC or less, the rot is very limited.
In the same way, we cannot ignore either that "Morgue" is the title of a film directed by Paraguayan Hugo Cardozo that was released in 2019. It is a horror film that tells the story of a man, Diego, who works as a security guard and one night ends up locked up in the morgue of the Encarnación Regional Hospital. There he will experience a series of paranormal events that will make him spend some really terrible hours.
In the field of literature we find the work "The crimes of Morgue Street." It is a story written by the great American writer Edgar Allan Poe (1809 - 1849). It can also be found as "The Murders of Morgue Street", it was published in 1841 and is part of the detective and horror genre.

This work by Poe is considered the first detective in the history of literature and tells that an amateur detective, named C. Auguste Dupin, has to take charge of the investigation of two crimes that have taken place in the aforementioned street. It is about the crimes of a mother and her daughter in their apartment in Paris.

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