What is monolithic?

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What Does monolithic Mean

The term monolithic has several meanings. The first meaning mentioned by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) in its dictionary refers to what is linked to a monolith .

Monolith is called, meanwhile, a monument made with a single piece of stone . By extension, what is made only with stone is often referred to as monolithic.
Monoliths can be artificial (when they are produced by humans ) or natural (if a large rock is modified by erosion). In the case of artificial monoliths, man's job is to carve a block of rock.

The moai found on Easter Island are a sample of monolithic art . Throughout this Chilean territory there are more than nine hundred figures developed by the Rapa Nui people .
When a building is generated from a stone block, we speak of monolithic architecture . The Pancha Rathas complex , in India , originated in the late 7th century with this technique. This complex is located in the city of Mahabalipuram and is part of the World Heritage Site protected by Unesco .
In a symbolic sense, it is classified as monolithic that which does not show cracks or fissures , or that is solid and imperturbable . For example: "The coach aspires to create a monolithic team, which the rivals cannot easily defeat" , "The opposition is dispersed and the ruling party is monolithic, so it is difficult to imagine a change of government" , "The senator received a monolithic support after the corruption complaint ” .

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