What is monarchism?

What Does monarchism Mean

The monarchism is the movement pointing to the defense or restoration of a monarchy . Monarchy is called , meanwhile, the form of government where the head of state is in the hands of a person (the king) who inherited power and can transmit it in the same way.

Just as there are different types of monarchies, it is also possible to recognize different kinds of monarchism. The parliamentary monarchism , for example, drives a system in which the monarch maintains a symbolic power, while the actual or real power rests with the Parliament .
The constitutional monarchism , meanwhile, advocates a state organization where the executive branch has the king as the main responsible and the Legislature , to the Parliament .

In the case of elective monarchism , it supports a monarchy that is characterized by the election of the sovereign through a vote. It is not a democracy since both the candidates and the voters meet some special requirement, belong to an establishment or are part of a body with restricted access.
The supporters of absolutist monarchism are those who want the king to assume control of all public powers without limitations. The Parliament and the Constitution , in this framework, do not exist or do not fulfill the functions that characterize a democratic regime.
It is important to note that, at present, monarchism is a minority trend with little political impact. On the contrary, the current that promotes the abolition of monarchies is more popular .

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