What is moisturizer?

What Does moisturizer Mean

Moisturizer is a term that comes from the Latin word humectans which, in turn, derives from humectāre ( “to moisten” ). It is an adjective that refers to that which moistens. For example: "If you have dry skin, you should use a moisturizer" , "The dermatologist suggested that I buy a moisturizing lotion to use after shaving" , "This ingredient will act as a moisturizer and will allow us not to dry out the meat" .

The moisturizers are part of the so - called products of beauty . These lotions are applied to the skin to make it soft and shiny, giving it a more youthful appearance.

Experts claim that moisturizing is essential for healthy skin maintenance. This is achieved by consuming a lot of water , although additional support is often needed. The moisturizers contain not only water, but also have oils and other substances that help fight dryness, surface stains and other factors that affect the skin.
Within the beauty sector, on many occasions, what is moisturizing is often confused with hydration. But it must be clear that, although it may be believed that they are the same, in reality it refers to different issues. Specifically, this is what differentiates one term from another:

• Moisturizing cream is one whose clear mission is to protect the skin. How do you do it? Preventing the water in your fabric from evaporating and for this, what it does is act as if it were a protective barrier. For this reason, it must be emphasized that it is common for it to be composed of elements such as glycerin or panthenol, among other products, to facilitate your work.

• The moisturizing cream, meanwhile, what it does is provide the skin with the water it needs to be in the best possible condition. Specifically, within this type of cosmetic product there are two modalities: simple creams, which are recommended for people who are 20 years of age or older and which are usually made up of vegetable oils; and complex creams, which are for women and men over 30 years of age and which are made up of ingredients such as minerals or vitamins, among others.
Based on the difference that exists between both types of cosmetics, it must be clear that aesthetic experts agree that the ideal would be to start the day by applying moisturizer to the face and then resorting to moisturizer at night.
It is important to note that there are various types of moisturizing creams according to the needs of the skin . Young skin has a greater regenerative capacity than older skin, in addition to containing more water and oil.
As dry skin is easily irritated, sufferers are advised to avoid scratching, use sunscreen on a daily basis, and cleanse their skin frequently.

The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) also defines as a humectant the substance that allows to stabilize the water content in a material .

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