What is modesty?

What Does modesty Mean

Modesty is a word that comes from Latin and refers to modesty, modesty, shame and honesty . In ancient times, the term was also used to name bad smell , but this meaning has been deprecated.

Modesty is usually linked to modesty regarding sexuality . It is, therefore, an element of the personality that tries to protect privacy . What is shameful is something that you do not want to show or do in public.
For example: "I am not going to use that mesh, it gives me a lot of modesty" , "Juan Pablo's girlfriend has no modesty, how can she wear such a short skirt?" , "The photographers portrayed the couple of actors kissing passionately in the park, without any shame . "

In addition to all the above, it is interesting to establish that, to a great extent, modesty is closely related to what would be the convictions of society at any given time. Thus, for example, during the Roman Empire, the lords on many occasions did not hesitate to carry out their agreements or business while they were using the latrines. They felt no shame. However, such an attitude is absolutely unthinkable today.
In the same way, that modesty has been changing radically with regard to the body itself. Thus, during the 18th century it was considered that it was not polite to undress in front of other people, however, no type of modesty was felt when doing it before the servants. And today there are many people who, for example, do not have any kind of shame about doing topless on the beach or going to a nudist cove.
In this sense, it is also curious to note that historically it has also been stated that women have shown more modesty with regard to the body and men, on the contrary, with regard to feelings. Something that, of course, has been marked by the impositions of society at all times.
In this way, and unfortunately in many Islamic countries, it is established that any female has to be modest and not show any inch of her body. In the opposite case, although it seems to be changing, it was established that men could not cry because that reduced their character and masculinity.
The experimentation of modesty is not the same in all people . The most modest subjects will feel modesty for various issues that, in other cases, would not generate embarrassment or discomfort. A certain dress or a certain comment are examples of things that can make some people feel modest and be indifferent to others.
A man who talks about his sex life in front of a large number of people has no shame. The same situation, on the other hand, can be traumatic for another subject and even be physically reflected (the skin flushes, stutters, sweaty hands, etc.).
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