What is mobile?

What Does mobile Mean

The notion of cell phone is linked to that belonging to or relating to cells . The term cell , for its part, has three main meanings: it is the fundamental unit of living organisms, which has the capacity for independent reproduction; the group of people who function independently within an organization; and of the small cavity or cell.

Talking about cell biology (also known as cytology), for example, refers to the scientific discipline that is responsible for studying the properties, structure, functions and life cycle of cells. There are two main types of cells: prokaryotes (which do not have a differentiated cell nucleus) and eukaryotes (they contain genetic information in a cell nucleus).

Within the scope of science, we cannot ignore the fact that there is a large number of actions and processes that make use of the term cell that we are now dealing with. In such a way that we find, for example, the concept of cell division, which is the procedure by which cells reproduce, giving rise to two or more daughter cells.
In the same way, we also have to talk about the well-known cellular respiration, which is a metabolic reaction that causes the cells of an organism itself to reduce their oxygen levels through the production of water and energy.
Two terms those to which the cell budding should also be added. This is a cell-type division in which the cytoplasm is divided into two clearly differentiated parts of different size, the smaller of the two being known by the name of the yolk.
In addition, we cannot ignore that there are other terms that are also fundamental within the field of science and Biology in general. It is, for example, the concept of a cell wall, which is the rigid type of covering that both plant cells and prokaryotes have.
And all without forgetting what is known as cellular tissue, which is a concept used in Anatomy to refer to the set of fibers and cells found in an organism.
A cellular car , on the other hand, is a vehicle that is conditioned to transport people who are arrested by the authorities. In this case, the idea of ​​a cell phone is related to the small cell in which the vehicle in question becomes: "The detainees were transferred to the prison on a cell phone and will await the time of trial there . " A type of means of transport that is also known by the name of cellular van.
Finally, it cannot be omitted that, in Latin America , mobile phones are called cellular ( “I want to buy a new cell phone” , “I'll call you on your cell phone” , “Rubén gave me his cell phone number, so I'll call him tonight ” ). A mobile is a telephone that works without cables and that can be moved from one place to another, since it connects to the mobile telephone network using radio waves.

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