What is MMA?

What Does MMA Mean

MMA is an acronym that has various uses. One of the most common appears in the field of combat sports and refers to mixed martial arts , an English expression that refers to mixed martial arts .

In MMA, therefore, techniques from different specialties are combined for the development of a sports or self-defense discipline. At a professional level, MMA is considered the most contact sport since it allows blows with the hands, elbows, feet and knees, in addition to endorsing the grabs and knockdowns.
MMA, in short, includes movements and actions of boxing , karate , taekwondo , kickboxing , judo and wrestling , for example. There are those who claim that its origins date back to the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece , although the modern version can be traced back to competitions that, during the 20th century , began to be held in Brazil , the United States , Japan and several European countries.

The kick boxing , for example, is a sport that created Kyokushinkai Osamu Noguchi , a master of karate Japanese. He combines the attacks of fists and feet, with techniques typical of karate and boxing, in addition to the low kicks of Muay Thai, although he does not take the blows with his elbows from it.
Another popular MMA discipline is Brazilian jiu-jitsu , which originated from the foundations of judo and focuses on dream fighting. It combines techniques of dislocation, surrender, immobilization and strangulation.
As popularity grew and the practice became professionalized , MMA regulations were delineated to allow the development of the activity and protect the integrity of the fighters, although each fight can cause serious physical consequences in the participants.
MMA events are organized by different companies . One of the best known is the Ultimate Fighting Championship ( UFC ), which brings together the most famous fighters, such as Ronda Rousey , Fabricio Werdum , Rose Namajunas , Anderson Silva , Valentina Shevchenko , Conor McGregor , Joanna Jedrzejczyk , Randy Couture , Amanda Nunes and José. Aldo .
UFC fighters fall into nine MMA categories. Each matchup takes place in an octagon and can be ended by knockout , technical knockout , submission, or judges' decision .
The rules of MMA are many and, as in any other field of sports competition, they evolve throughout history. Regarding the weight of the fighters there are many categories, which group them into stripes:

* fly : up to 48.7 kilograms;

* rooster - from 48.7 to 61.2 kilograms;

* feather : from 61.2 to 65.7 kilograms;

* light : from 65.7 to 70.3 kilograms;

* Welterweight : from 70.3 to 77.1 kilograms;

* medium : from 77.1 to 83.9 kilograms;

* light heavyweight : 83.9 to 92.9 kilograms;

* heavy : from 92.9 to 120.2 kilograms;

* super heavy : it has no weight limit.
In the framework of a competition, not only the rules that refer to possible movements must be respected, but also all those things that should not be done, among which are the following:
* eye damage;

* bites;

* spitting;

* head butts;

* hair pulling;

* put the finger in the opponent's mouth to move it from one side to the other,

* attacks the groin;

* taking advantage of an opponent's injury to harm him;

* descending blows with the elbow;

* blows to the back of the skull or back;

* kicks to the liver with the heel;

* blows to the throat.
As we can see, all these attacks are brutal and unethical in sports. The complete list includes many more, always in the same vein, with the aim of keeping the competitions on a technical and level playing field.
It should be noted, on the other hand, that MMA can refer to a Ministry of the Environment ; to the maximum authorized mass ; or to entities such as the Mobile Marketing Association .

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