What is mist?

What Does mist Mean

The etymology of the term mist is found in the Latin language and refers to the “winter solstice” , according to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ). That is why previously the concept was used to refer to the winter season .

Currently the notion refers to fog , especially that which appears over the ocean . It can be said that haze is a phenomenon of the atmosphere that occurs when there are particles of water suspended in the air , making visibility difficult.
In more technical terms, mist or mist is a kind of mist, and it is distinguished from the others by its humidity level , which must equal or exceed 70%, which results in a marked decrease in visibility although it is higher. at 1 kilometer. The composition of the mist is hygroscopic nuclei and water, unlike the common mist, which only consists of water, and the haze, which is formed of dry particles.

The hygroscopic nuclei , meanwhile, are those drops of saline solutions or particles salts which often result from oceans and seas. On these particles, in the atmosphere, the humidity of the air condenses.
For example: "There is a lot of fog: I don't think it is convenient to go sailing at this time" , "This morning we wanted to go to play football on the beach , but the fog did not let us see" , "It is assumed that the boat crashed against the dock due to the haze ” .
Notions such as mist , fog , haze, and haze often create confusion as they refer to similar phenomena. Fog is called the concentration of particles that form a cloud and threaten vision . Mist, mist, and haze are types of fog.
Specifically, fog is often called haze with a relative humidity greater than 70% and a visibility that exceeds one kilometer . If visibility is lower, it is referred to as fog. On the other hand, when the visibility is similar to haze, but the relative humidity does not reach 70%, the phenomenon is known as haze (the cloud is made up of dry particles). The mist, finally, is the low and thin mist.
In a figurative sense, haze can be called a lack of clarity that does not allow us to think correctly or that surrounds a certain fact. Just as the atmospheric phenomenon affects visibility at sea, in this case we are talking about the impossibility of accessing information or elaborating ideas, either due to an external blockage or due to a confusion that arises spontaneously.

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