What is mission?

What Does mission Mean

The term mission comes from the Latin missĭo and is related to the practice of sending . Among the different uses of the word recognized by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) , appear the faculty granted to an individual to develop a task; the temporary assignment that diplomats and officials receive from the authorities of a government ; the church or the place where the missionaries are in charge of preaching; and the expense or expenses that are made in something.

Thus, for example, we can establish sentences like the following to show more clearly the exposed meanings: "The Minister of Economy had a tough mission in the government and it was to put an end to the crisis" or "Father Manuel left for Bolivia because he was given the mission to help build a school in a very poor area ”.
In the case of religion , various settlements can be named that missionaries have established in inhospitable regions with the intention of evangelizing. One of the largest missions in history has been the one installed by the Jesuits in South America , in Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Bolivia.

The Franciscans , for their part, carried out missions in Baja California and Baja California Sur and then expanded northward.
In this sense, from the religious point of view, it is interesting to emphasize that there is a film called La Misión , of British origin and released in 1986, which has as its plot the evangelizing work that a priest (Father Gabriel) is carrying out. held in a territory in the mountains of Brazil during the 18th century.
A complicated task to which will be added the fact that the Church, due to the pressure it is receiving from the Portuguese colonial empire, decides to cede the lands where the aforementioned mission is being carried out. However, the religious will do everything possible to prevent his work and the daily life of the local people from disappearing.
Robert de Niro, Jeremy Irons and Aidan Quinn are some of the actors who lead the cast of this film production that managed to reap an Oscar, a Golden Globe, three BAFTAs, a Palme d'Or and a David di Donatello.
On the other hand, leaving religion aside, one can speak of the business mission , which is what a corporate entity intends to do . The business mission is the motive behind the creation of the company and details the orientation of its efforts and activities. In other words, it represents the raison d'être of the company and guides its planning .
The business mission should detail the core business of the business, the concept of the generic product it offers, and the concept of the types of customers it intends to serve.

Finally, the space mission can be mentioned , an expression that describes the individual flight that a spacecraft performs through space.
And this without forgetting that, in the same way, there is what is known as a life mission. A concept that refers to a set of manifestations that establish an objective or a goal that someone has set out to achieve.

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