What is military coup?

What Does military coup Mean

Before thoroughly analyzing the term military coup, it is important and fundamental that we establish its etymological origin. In this sense, we can say that it is made up of two words that come from Latin:

• Hit, emanates from the Latin word “colpus”, which can be translated as “punch or slap”.

• Military, on the other hand, comes from “militaris”, which comes to mean “relative to the soldiers”.

The action and effect of hitting is called hitting . The term refers to physical or symbolic impacts. Military , for its part, indicates what belongs to or related to war or the militia.
To understand the notion of a military coup, however, one must refer to another concept: that of a coup . The violent action carried out by a rebel force to try to take over the government is known as a coup d'état , displacing the current authorities.

A military coup , therefore, is a coup d'état carried out by the military forces . In general, all coups d'état are military coups, since they are based on the weapons and infrastructure available to the military.
There are many cases of military or coup d'état that have existed throughout the world throughout history. In reference to Spain, for example, we have to make it clear that two of the most important, due to the repercussions they had or what they meant for the country, have been the following:

• Military coup in 1936. In July of that year it was when there was a military uprising against the government of the Second Republic, which gave rise to one of the most tragic situations that the country has experienced during the 20th century: the Civil War, which lasted for three years and also brought with it of the deaths and damages during it, the establishment of a cruel dictatorship that ended in the 1970s.

• Coup d'état of 1981. On February 23 of that year it was specifically when this took place, which fortunately was unsuccessful and which is known by the name of 23F. Military commanders were the ones who organized and prepared the same one that was developed by the hand of the Civil Guard Antonio Tejero, who, with his subordinates, entered the Congress of Deputies willing to get the government of the country to fall into the hands of those.
In any case, there are no coups driven solely by the military. The usual thing is that a military coup has the support or the impulse of civil sectors that are interested in overthrowing the government of the day.
For an example: a political group plans to take power . For this, it asks for support from a certain economic sector (field, industry, etc.), which is responsible for creating adverse conditions in the market to destabilize the government. The rebel group also adds to the armed forces, which are in charge of entering the Government House by force and overthrowing the president. Thus we see how a military coup can also count on the support of political parties and businessmen, beyond the fact that, perhaps, the highest authority of the State becomes a military man.

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