What is microtubule?

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What Does microtubule Mean

The term microtubule comes from the English word microtubule . The concept is formed with the compositional element micro- (which alludes to something “very small” ) and the noun tubule (a small tube that, in the field of anatomy , refers to an excretory duct).

A microtubule is a protein filament found inside cells . Microtubules are found in the cytoskeleton , cilia, and other cellular organelles.
These microtubules originate from a structure called the microtubule organizing center . Depending on whether it is a prokaryotic cell or a eukaryotic cell, they have different characteristics.

The transfer of substances and the movement of organelles are some of the functions that microtubules have. They also intervene in the processes of cell division ( meiosis and mitosis ).
Each microtubule is made up of protein polymers . Its outer diameter is around 25 nanometers, while its inner diameter barely exceeds 10 nanometers.
Microtubules are also very important to give the cell shape and to preserve this physiognomy. On the other hand, they function as displacement pathways for various molecules and vesicles.
It is interesting to note that knowledge about microtubules acquires special relevance in the fight against cancer . There are drugs used in treatments that make the microtubules not work correctly, which makes it difficult for cancer cells to multiply .
The use of paclitaxel and other stabilizing drugs, in this framework, makes it possible to act on specific regions of the microtubules. This makes it possible to hinder the advancement of the cancer.

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