What is microsociology?

What Does microsociology Mean

Microsociology is called the area of sociology focused on the analysis of the social ties established by the members of a community . Microsociology also examines how such people integrate with the rest of society.

Microsociology can be understood as a level of analysis oriented to everyday interactions that are carried out on a small scale . That is why its object of study is people , families and social groups with a limited number of members.

The usual thing is that microsociology resorts to direct observation and interpretive reflection , leaving the statistical in the background. His inquiries allow him to raise theories about social roles, behavior, identity and communication, for example.
From their interactions, individuals are socially constructing reality. In other words, microsociology maintains that subjects shape what is understood by reality through their social interactions.
Close in many respects to social psychology , microsociology investigates the forms of sociability that occur within a community. Thus he studies what happens to people in his own environment.
It is important to bear in mind that microsociology allows the sociologist to generate knowledge about social phenomena of greater complexity and magnitude . The evaluation of these global phenomena is part of macrosociology .
Ultimately, each person is socialized through everyday interactions explored by microsociology. There are no social structures that exist beyond the individuals that compose them.

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