What is Mgr?

What Does Mgr Mean

The Italian word monsignore came to Castilian as monsignor . An Italian word is that can be translated as "my lord".
It is an honorary title that the pope grants to certain ecclesiastics or, in a general sense, to the title that is granted to priests.

The bishops , the vicars general of a diocese and the chaplains of the pope , in this context, receive the treatment of monsignor. This means that the term is prepended to the person's name .
Specifically, it should be known that for a long time, the Pope granted this title to priests within what was his Pontifical House. Later, that title was also expanded and was even given to priests outside of Rome, provided they had a recommendation from a bishop. However, for a few years now, the current Pope Francis has established a return to the origins of that title.

Other data of interest about the monsignor refer to his wardrobe and even how they differ from other members of the Church. Specifically, these are the most significant details:

-They wear purple.

-Her attire is made up of a cassock with sash, buttons and trims, as well as a skullcap, which is a kind of hat. In addition, they can also wear a cross in the chest area.
Monsignor Angelelli , for example, was an Argentine bishop. Born in 1923 in the province of Córdoba as Enrique Angelelli , he stood out for his social commitment and for opposing the military dictatorship that began in 1976 . In fact, that same year he was assassinated by the regime. Monsignor Angelelli is scheduled to be beatified in April 2019 .
The Salvadoran Monsignor Romero is another Catholic religious who was assassinated. This metropolitan archbishop of San Salvador , named Óscar Arnulfo Romero , achieved recognition for his defense of human rights . Monsignor Romero was beatified in 2015 and canonized in 2018 .
In the same way, another significant monsignor within the Church is Monsignor Escrivá de Balaguer (1902 - 1975). This was an Aragonese priest who was not only canonized but was also the founder of the order known as Opus Dei.
His process of ascent to the altars was surrounded by controversy because it occurred very quickly and that aroused controversy. Be that as it may, he was canonized and Pope John Paul II declared him to be "the saint of the ordinary or of ordinary life." June 26 is when his saint is celebrated in the Catholic Church.
The notion of monsignor was also used in France as a title. In this framework, said distinction was granted to the dolphin : a noble title assigned between 1349 and 1830 to the crown prince to the throne who was the legitimate son of the king . By extension, other important individuals, such as presidents of councils or dukes, were also named as monsignors.

Finally, there are different places that carry the term monsignor in their name. This is the case of the Monseñor Eyzaguirre station , which belongs to Line 3 of the Santiago Metro network ( Chile ). The name of the station is related to a street , in turn named in honor of the religious José Ignacio Eyzaguirre Portales ( 1817 - 1875 ).

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