What is metanoia?

What Does metanoia Mean

The notion of metanoia is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ). The term, however, is used in different contexts.

In the realm of theology and rhetoric , metanoia is linked to a change of direction or sense . It may be a statement that refers to a retraction or a repentance.
Metanoia usually appears in the field of the Catholic or Christian religion . In this framework, metanoia has to do with the positive conversion of an individual to receive Christ or even with access to divine revelation .

For psychology , metanoia is a process of transformation of the psyche that pursues self-healing . According to the Swiss Carl Gustav Jung , through metanoia the mind spontaneously tries to solve a conflict, leaving behind a certain structure and promoting an adaptation.
Jung considered that a psychotic episode can be a metanoia that aims at the restoration of the psyche . Therefore, a psychotic break can have a productive end, so it should not always be repressed.
This approach was taken by the Scotsman Ronald David Laing , who argued that psychotic patients should be supported in their destructuring to promote spontaneous healing. If metanoia is blocked, Laing pointed out , the subject's defenses end up getting stronger and the conflict remains.
In the broadest sense, metanoia means changing your mind to adopt a new worldview. In this way, other values and goals arise that affect behavior.

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