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What Does mester Mean

The first meaning of mester mentioned by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) in its dictionary is used in rural areas as a synonym for need . The idea of ​​need, meanwhile, can refer to a need, the lack of something, a trade or what is required for the development of an activity.

Another meaning of mester, although in disuse, refers to an occupation or an art . The term, in this framework, allows the development of various expressions.
Popular poetry performed by singers and minstrels in the Middle Ages is known as a minstrel mester . The set includes all the lyrical and epic works that used to be recited or sung to entertain the population, especially members of the nobility and monarchs.

The juggler mester finds in the Cantar del Mine Cid one of his most representative works . This anonymous chant of deed is inspired by the final stretch of the existence of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar , a Castilian gentleman. It is estimated that the Cantar del Mine Cid was written around the year 1200 .
In contrast to the mester of minstrel, we speak of the mester of clergy . In this case it is the literary genre developed by clergymen , and not by minstrels.
The creators of the mester de clerecía were not always priests. The notion is associated with the educated people of the Middle Ages who had more knowledge than the average people. The Book of misery of omne and the Book of Apollonius are part of the mester de clerecía.
Finally we find the courtesy mester , originating in the Court . This mester resorted to prose to educate politicians and nobles.

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