What is mesocracy?

What Does mesocracy Mean

The idea of mesocracy is used to refer to the social system in which the middle class has preponderance . The term, in fact, can be used directly to name the middle class.

To understand the notion of mesocracy, therefore, one must first focus on the concept of the middle class . This is the name given to the social group formed by individuals who have a level of income commensurate with satisfying, to a lesser or greater extent, their material needs .
As can be seen, to define what the middle class is, a certain income margin must be established that defines the whole . For example, it could be indicated that those who earn between 15,000 and 20,000 pesos a month are part of the middle class: those who earn less are in the lower class and those who earn more are in the upper class.

A mesocracy is a society where the middle class exerts a marked influence on the political and cultural life of the nation . This means that the middle class manages to impose its thoughts and customs, although it is important to bear in mind that the class consciousness of this group is low.
It cannot be omitted from mentioning that the middle class includes very diverse social actors : from teachers to architects, through public employees, lawyers, journalists, small businessmen, engineers and merchants. That is why the mesocracy does not have a defined ideology and its members often show conflicting objectives, beyond sharing the desire for progress to reach the upper social stratum.
It is often stated that the development of a country is linked to its degree of mesocracy. The greater the middle class, the greater the development, which means that this layer of society functions as an engine of progress .

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