What is Mesoamerica?

What Does Mesoamerica Mean

There are several notions related to America that often give rise to confusion, such as Latin America or Latin America . These are terms that refer to specific characteristics to establish regions or divisions within the continent .

This time we are going to focus on Mesoamerica . This denomination allows to refer to the areas of Mexico and Central America where the most important pre-Hispanic cultures developed .
The concept of Mesoamerica , therefore, combines geographical, historical and cultural features. It is important to note that it is not a synonym for Central America (or Central America ), which only refers to geography .

It is usually stated that Mesoamerica includes the southern part of Mexico ; all of Belize , El Salvador and Guatemala ; and the western sector of Costa Rica , Nicaragua and Honduras . In the pre-Columbian stage (that is, before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America ), this vast territory was home to great civilizations, such as the Mayan and Aztec ( Mexica ) peoples .
Mesoamerica was characterized by agricultural activity with crops of corn, cocoa and other species; the domestication of the dog; and the implementation of a civil and other ritual calendar. Their societies were organized according to the relevance and role of different groups, while their religion was based on polytheism.
The use of water, the use of a numbering system, human sacrifices and the ball game are other features that are identified in the cultures of Mesoamerica , where it is usually distinguished between the Pre-Classic period , the Classic period , the Epiclassic period and the postclassic period .

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