What is mentor?

What Does mentor Mean

Mentor is a term that comes from Mentor , Telemachus' advisor in the Odyssey . This character from Greek mythology was the son of Álcimo and friend of Ulysses . By extension, the concept of mentor refers to someone who acts as a guide or advisor to another person .

For example: “The architect Bussenicky was my mentor within the company and the one who encouraged me to grow professionally” , “The Uruguayan poet, upon receiving the award, remembered his mentor with emotion” , “The boy has a lot of potential, but he needs a mentor to show him the way ” .
The relationship between the mentor and the mentee or disciple is known as mentoring . Through this link, the mentor shares his experience and knowledge with the other person so that he can develop successfully on a professional, personal level, etc.

In addition to all the above, we would have to point out that there are different types of mentors. Thus, for example, we find the following:

• Guru, who, originally, came to be a kind of spiritual teacher. However, today he is a person who considers himself important in a specific field and who becomes the perfect advisor for other individuals. And it is that they ask him for advice on questions relating to that domain he dominates.

• Wise elders, who took center stage in Antiquity and who, to a certain extent, remain in certain ethnic groups. Thus, for example, within the gypsy community there is the figure of the Patriarch, who becomes the oldest person in charge of distributing justice, solving the problems of the community and advising the rest of the gypsies who ask for help.

• Teacher. In the Middle Ages it was when this character became important, who used to be an older person who was in charge of teaching the keys of a trade to a young man, who was called an apprentice.
The key to mentoring is in communication . It can be a verbal communication, with multiple talks; a practical communication, where concrete situations are taught; or a rather symbolic communication, in which the example prevails. The important thing is that the apprentice manages to assimilate the concepts that the mentor tries to transmit.
Importantly , mentoring is associated with an informal process of teaching , unlike the relationship established between a teacher and students within the school . The mentor does not adhere to a study program or qualify the apprentice under evaluation criteria as is the case in the formal educational system.
The athletes , the musicians and writers usually recognize as mentors to their supporters at the beginning of their careers.

We cannot forget either a historical figure who was called Mentor de Rodas. It was in the 4th century BC that this Greek man lived, a mercenary who worked for such figures as King Artaxerxes III or Artabazo II.
Within the literary universe of the magical youth saga "Harry Potter" there are creatures that are called dementors. These come to be dark beings that ensure that, wherever they pass, there is no longer peace or joy.

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