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What Does members Mean

Member is a term that has multiple meanings. Coming from the Latin word membrum , it can refer to each extremity of animals or human beings that is articulated with the trunk.

In people , the limbs are the legs (which can be referred to as the lower limbs ) and the arms (the upper limbs ). It can therefore be stated that each individual has four limbs or extremities: two legs (one right and one left) and two arms (one right and one left).
The penis is also called a virile member or simply a member. It is the male sexual organ, used in copulation and in the excretion of urine. The characteristics of the member vary according to the species and even according to each individual.

As a curious fact, the use of a member in reference to a man's sexual organ can appear both in a formal and even technical sphere as well as in an informal one, with small differences. Generally, in the first case it is mentioned as a virile member while in the second, as a member . In a conversation between people who are not confident enough to talk about their genitals using direct language , using this synonym may be appropriate.
The member of an organization , an association or an entity can be referred to as a member. For example: “The detainee is a member of a terrorist group that has a strong presence in the central region of the country” , “For five years I was a member of the academic committee of the University of the Southeast” , “My neighbor is a member of an NGO that works for the cleaning of the beaches ” .
Members of associations or entities usually have rights and obligations that differentiate them from other people. In the case of a terrorist group or a government agency, its members have access to different degrees of information about the strategies for their different attack and defense operations, as well as secret codes, building addresses and names of people who do not. they are public knowledge.
In non-profit organizations that carry out humanitarian tasks, their members take responsibility for completing different jobs simply for the sake of helping others. Although these are not secret operations, for organizational reasons, members are also given certain information that is not made public, in the same way that a specific response is expected from them.
In mathematics , a member is an expression of an equation . The members are separated from each other by the sign of inequality or equality.

It can be said, therefore, that the expressions that are located on each side of these signs are the members of the equation. Let's look at a case:
3x + 5 = 2x - 3
3x + 5 is one member, while 2x - 3 is another member. On the other hand, 3x , 5 , 2x and 3 are the terms of the equation .
The correct learning of the different topics in which the mathematical members appear is necessary to solve many types of unknowns , which are represented by means of variables, letters from different alphabets that do not have a fixed value at a global level, but that do. keep within the limits of each problem; for example: x is not always the same value, but it does represent the same value within a given equation.
In this framework, we talk about clearing the variables , that is, passing the elements from one member to another until a variable is completely isolated and it is possible to find out its value. For this we must respect the rules of mathematics, as the case may be.

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