What is megalith?

What Does megalith Mean

A megalith is a monument or a refuge developed in Prehistory that was made of large uncut stones . It is possible to find megaliths of different antiquities and in different regions.

That linked to the megaliths is classified as megalithic . The megaliths can be constructions made with one or more stone blocks; tombs or funerary monuments; memories of events; or demarcations of the territory , for example.
In the production of a megalith, no cement was used or mortars were used. The prehistoric peoples who carried out these works appealed to interlocking methods to lift and fix them.

Most of these structures arose in the Neolithic . This irruption is associated with great social changes, such as the move from hunting-gathering and nomadism to agriculture, livestock and sedentary lifestyles.
There are different kinds of megaliths. The dolmens , in this frame, are formed with stones nailed vertically into the ground and others that, supported horizontally on them, function as a roof. In Korea of the South , to mention one case, hundreds of dolmens in Ganghwa , Hwasun , and Gochang forming part, together with the World Heritage protecting the Unesco .
A menhir , on the other hand, is a megalith made up of an elongated stone that is partially buried vertically. Several menhirs arranged in an ellipse or circle form a chromlech , as in the case of the famous megalith of Stonehenge in England .
It should be noted that in the American continent we also find megaliths. Among them are the stone spheres of Costa Rica .

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