What is meditation?

What Does meditation Mean

Meditation comes from the Latin meditatĭo and refers to the action and effect of meditating (focusing thought carefully on considering something). The concept is associated with concentration and deep reflection . For example: "I recommend you spend a few days meditating on the topics I mentioned" , "After a long meditation, I have come to the conclusion that it is best to quit the company . "

The notion of meditation is common in religion and spirituality. It is a practice that consists of concentrating the attention on a thought, an external object or the own conscience.

Buddhism, Judaism or Islam are some of the religions that do not hesitate to have meditation as one of their main pillars.
There are various forms of meditation, from religious to therapeutic. Various studies assure that meditation techniques can help strengthen memory, improve concentration and strengthen health .
However, there are many other benefits that the practice of meditation brings to any human being. In this sense, we should emphasize that it allows you to significantly reduce stress levels, it manages to put an end to anxiety and in addition to all this, it becomes a great tool to end depression symptoms.
Various studies carried out in recent years by researchers are those that have reached this conclusion, in which it has also been determined that no less relevant is the fact that meditation is very useful for all those who suffer from diseases such as fibromyalgia or insomnia.
Therefore, it is recommended that anyone suffering from one of the aforementioned pathologies choose to meditate for at least half an hour every day. You will soon be able to perceive the benefits that this action produces for you and also the improvement you experience in terms of your health.
In addition to all the above, we would also have to add the fact that, as a general rule, meditation is usually classified into two large groups. Thus, on the one hand, there is the call of mindfulness, which revolves around issues such as experience and one's own perception. On the other hand, there is what is known as concentration meditation.
For Buddhism , meditation is an essential practice to increase wisdom and eradicate suffering. Beyond the different techniques and schools, the usual thing when it comes to meditation is to find a quiet place, sit in the lotus position and repeat a mantra that brings the subject to a state of deep concentration.
Meditation also helps autosuggestion , which is a mental process through which a person trains his subconscious to fix a mental association or to convince himself of some question.

Another usefulness of meditation is to promote introspection (the knowledge that an individual has about their own mental states), which allows to interrupt the automatism.

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