What is meatball?

What Does meatball Mean

The Greek word pontikón can be translated as "pontic" and refers to the pontic or hazelnut . This term came to classical Arabic as bunduqah , which was derived from the Hispanic Arabic albúnduqa .

Thus we come to meatball , a concept that in our language refers to a meal . Meatballs are small balls that are usually prepared with minced meat mixed with spices, beaten egg and breadcrumbs.
There are many types of meatballs. They are generally made with beef , although there are also chicken meatballs and fish meatballs . Among the most common seasonings are cumin, paprika, garlic and parsley.

The recipes , however, vary by country. They can be cooked fried , stewed or baked and have a varied size. There are those who prefer small meatballs, which can be eaten in one bite, and others who opt for much larger meatballs that must be cut.
It is interesting to note that meatballs do not always have meat . It is possible to use seitan or process different legumes ( chickpeas , lentils , etc.) to make these spheres that are accompanied with rice, noodles or potatoes, for example.
Meatballs can even be eaten on sandwiches. The meatball sandwich , also known as sandwich meatballs , sandwich meatballs or albondigazo , consisting of meatballs with tomato sauce between two breads. Sometimes cheese and other ingredients are added.
Finally, it should be noted that the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) recognizes the almóndiga form as valid . However, its use is not too frequent and is considered vulgar.

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