What is Mayonnaise?

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What Does Mayonnaise Mean

It is known as mayonnaise or mayonnaise to a dressing that is made by beating egg and oil . The term comes from the French word mayonnaise .

Mayonnaise is a cold sauce that is prepared by emulsifying its ingredients. In addition to the egg and the oil that are beaten, it is usual to add lemon juice and salt .
The origins of mayonnaise are in Spain . The name of this dressing, in fact, would be linked to Mahón , a city on the island of Menorca .

In the Spanish territory, and also in countries such as France and Italy , it is common for mayonnaise to continue to be prepared in an artisanal way to season fish and vegetables. However, mayonnaise most it consumed worldwide is one produced industrially , usually intended to garnish hamburgers , hot dogs ( hot dogs or hot dog s) and other fast foods .
The potatoes (potato) chips , the sandwiches and salads are also often seasoned with mayonnaise. Even other dishes can include mayonnaise, since its use basically depends on the consumer's taste .
It is important to bear in mind that, in the case of homemade or artisanal mayonnaise, the sauce may contain bacteria of the salmonella genus that cause the disease known as salmonellosis . This is because raw eggs are used, which could be contaminated. Industrial mayonnaise does not cause this problem because it uses pasteurization of eggs, although its high fat content can contribute to an excessive increase in cholesterol and, consequently, the risk of cardiovascular disorders.

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