What is maximize?

What Does maximize Mean

Maximize is a term that refers to the search for maximum performance . Maximization consists of taking advantage or exploiting certain resources or functions as much as possible .

For example: "We have to buy new machinery to maximize the exploitation of cereals" , "Reducing costs is a necessity if we want to maximize profits" , "Entrepreneurs are wrong if they want to maximize their profits through the dismissal of employees" .
The action of maximizing can be developed in different ways in the field of economics and production . Some of the options to maximize a certain exploitation are the introduction of technology , cost cutting and any decision that tends to enhance productivity.

In this sense, maximizing the performance of a company can be the same as optimizing the use of its resources, that is, looking for the best way to take advantage of them. The concept of optimization is very present today, also in the world of computing, where it becomes necessary to do frequent maintenance of the devices and to look for new and more efficient ways to use their memory to avoid a decrease in their performance after a use time.
Outside the realm of economics and mathematics, the term maximize can be used in a similar sense to exaggerating , pushing a situation to its extremes, or even beyond them. Asking someone not to maximize a problem can be the same as begging them not to rile things up , not to divert them from their natural course.
The notion of maximizing is also used in computing . Computer programs ( software ) that work with windows , as in operating systems such as Windows , offer the option of enlarging or reducing the work area. In this way, it is possible that the window occupies the entire screen or, conversely, that it disappears from the user's view and is reduced to a small icon on the taskbar.
Maximizing a window , in this sense, is bringing the window to its maximum display. This action is carried out by clicking on the corresponding button, which enlarges the window. Other options related to window management are minimize (the opposite of maximize) and close: "To see all the available effects, you have to maximize the window" , "I can't work this way: I'm going to maximize the window to have all data on the screen ” .

It should be mentioned that in some applications with graphic content and in certain video games, the action of maximizing can distort the image. For example, if a program with an A x B resolution is run in an environment that exceeds it but also shows a different aspect ratio (also known as the aspect ratio ; among the most popular are 4: 3, 16 : 9 and 16:10) the design can suffer a significant deformation. To avoid such situations, developers always have the option of preventing the resizing of the window.
One of the first superficial differences that can be seen between the popular Windows and Mac OS operating systems is the position of the buttons to minimize, maximize and close the windows: in the first they are located to the right while in the second, to the left. This may seem like a minor detail, but the change is especially difficult after you have become used to one of them. Many may wonder why companies do not agree and establish a convention in this regard, but the answer may lie precisely in that little annoyance that, by way of nationalism, attracts each user to their old and well-known operating system.

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