What is matrix?

What Does matrix Mean

The first thing we are going to establish before entering fully into the meaning of the term matrix is ​​its etymological origin. In this case, it must be stated that it derives from Latin, exactly from "matrix". This word in turn is the result of the sum of two lexical components of that language:

-The noun “mater”, which means “mother”.

-The suffix “-trix”, which is used to indicate “female agent”.

The Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) recognizes more than a dozen meanings of the term in its dictionary.
A matrix can be a mold that is used to shape something. In this framework, the matrix is ​​a support or a model . In the field of printing , to cite one case, the matrix is ​​a metallic piece on which a sign or letter is engraved, creating its hollow shape thanks to a mechanical or electrochemical process.

The most important entity in a group , from which other minor ones emerge, is also called the matrix. A mother church is one that has others that depend on it. It may be the most relevant for a hierarchical issue or for seniority .
In mathematics , a matrix is ​​a series of symbols or numbers that are arranged in vertical and horizontal lines to form a rectangle. It is a two-dimensional arrangement, with elements arranged in columns and in rows.
The uterus is also called the womb : the organ that female mammals have inside the pelvis. The womb is hollow and allows the development of the fetus inside it until the moment of delivery.
This organ is the largest in the human female reproductive system . When gestation occurs, the baby grows for about 280 days in the womb until it is ready to be born and begin its independent life.
In the same way, we cannot ignore that within the scope of business management there is what is known as the SWOT matrix. This is a tool that is used with the clear objective of being able to identify the risks and also the opportunities that exist in a company as well as in the analysis of business projects of different types.
Albert S. Humphrey is believed to be the creator of this tool, which is made up of a quadrant where the following elements take center stage:

-Weaknesses, which refer to the internal sphere.

-The strengths, which also belong to the internal sphere.

-Threats, which refer to the outside world.

-The opportunities, which, like the previous element, also refer to the external sphere.
It is considered that with this SWOT matrix what can be done, among other things, is to detect in time what risks there are in a company that can bring terrible consequences. In this way, prior measures can be taken to avoid reaching this situation. We are mentioning both risks in the context and those of the company's own organization.

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