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What Does mascot Mean

Pet is a term that comes from the French mascotte and is used to name the companion animal . These animals, therefore, accompany human beings in their daily lives, so they are not destined for work nor are they sacrificed to become food .

For example: "When I was a child, I had three dogs as pets" , "My favorite pet is the cat" , "My parents promised that if I pass the exam they will give me a pet" , "Do you want us to visit the store? Of pets?" .
The reproduction of pets , therefore, is promoted so that animals coexist with people , whether for social, recreational or educational reasons. The sale of pets is a business, although the pets themselves, once sold, are not used for profit.

There are many advantages that anyone who makes the decision to have a pet at home can enjoy. Specifically, these are the most significant in this regard:

• Get the owner to end his loneliness problem. Individuals who live alone thus resort on many occasions to acquire a dog or a cat, for example, to be able to have company and not feel so "abandoned". In addition to this, they increase your happiness as well as your sense of security.

• Any pet that comes into a home improves the self-esteem of certain family members, such as the elderly. Why? Because taking care of it will allow them to feel much more useful and necessary.

• It should not be overlooked either that it is also recommended that people with socialization problems or disorders such as autism have a pet since animals help them improve their ability to relate to others as well as the ability to express feelings and sensations.

• Likewise, it should be emphasized that, on other occasions, they also bet on having a dog at home because it is the way to improve the owner's health. How? Forcing yourself to take your pet for a walk every day, so that the person will be forced to go for a walk and not sit on the couch.
Animals began to be domesticated as pets in prehistoric times . The dogs and cats are the most popular pets in the world for its characteristics and historical tradition. Other animals, such as rabbits , turtles or ferrets , are also often considered as pets, although animal defense associations consider that these species should live in their habitat .
Although these are the most common pets, we must not forget that there are also those who bet on having Vietnamese pigs or snakes as such.

Mascot, on the other hand, is an animal, a person or an animated object that acts as a talisman or that represents a sports team, a company, a brand or an event . It is common for the pet to be a doll of an animal with human behaviors (capable of dancing, for example).

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