What is martyrdom?

What Does martyrdom Mean

From the Latin martyrĭum , martyrdom is the suffering, torment and / or death that a person suffers because of his religion or ideals . The concept began to be used to refer to the sufferings suffered by Christians because of their religious beliefs.
The person who dies defending a cause is called a martyr. His passing is seen as a sacrifice that allows him to bear witness to his faith or ideal. For example: "The dissident lived a true martyrdom during his imprisonment" , "The opponent was tortured and suffered a long martyrdom before being shot" , "I am not willing to experience martyrdom for this cause" .
The Christian martyrs were those killed by their religion in the first three centuries after Christ . Many of them were even crucified and bled to death on the cross.
Among the main martyrs of the Catholic Church are the following:

• Saint Sebastian, who was assassinated and who finally died with a stick.

• Saint Vincent, who was torn with nails of iron and who would finally die roasted on a grill.

• Saint Luke, who was hanged in a tree.

• Saint John, who suffered his martyrdom by being thrown into boiling oil.
Art has been inspired for centuries by martyrs and the punishments they suffered for defending their religious ideas. Among the most important works in this regard, it should be noted that which is known by the name of "The Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand Christians", which dates from the year 1508 and was painted by the German Albrecht Dürer.
Frederick III of Saxony was the one who ordered the realization of this work with which it was intended not only to pay homage to all those martyrs of history but also to decorate a room in which there were presumably relics of some of those.
However, we cannot forget another famous oil painting such as "Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew", which was made by José de Ribera. In 1644 was when he painted the one in which the death of the character that gives him his title is recreated. It is currently exhibited in the National Art Museum of Catalonia.
Other religions have their own martyrs or heroes whom they consider martyrs. In the most radicalized branches of Islam , those who commit suicide bombings are considered martyrs who sacrifice themselves in the name of Allah : “The suicide bomber who caused fifteen deaths in the center of Baghdad left a letter defining himself as a martyr of the War. Santa ” .
In its broadest sense, the concept of martyrdom allows one to name very intense pain or suffering and long and arduous work : “Do I have to go up to the roof again to remove the leaves? That is martyrdom! " , "The hard illness that he was forced to go through was a martyrdom that seemed to never end . "
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