What is marinade?

What Does marinade Mean

The idea of pickle can refer to different types of gastronomic preparations . The term comes from the Hispanic Arabic assukkabáǧ , in turn derived from the Arabic sikbāǧ . The etymological root, meanwhile, is found in the Persian sekbā .

The first meaning of marinade mentioned by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) in its dictionary refers to the marinade or sauce whose base is prepared with vinegar , wine or oil . You can add different ingredients to the marinade, such as peppercorns and bay leaves .
This marinade is intended for the flavoring and preservation of different foods . The concept is also used to name the product that was seasoned and / or preserved in this way.

In several Latin American countries, meanwhile, pickle is called pickle . A pickle, in turn, is obtained through the pickling process, which consists of making a legume or fruit acquire the flavor of vinegar, keeping them immersed in this liquid for their conservation for a long period.
In all cases, it can be said that pickling works as a method of marinating and preservation . Vinegar is usually its central component, since its acidity slows down the spoilage of food .
The characteristics of the marinade vary according to the region. In Peru , for example, fish or chicken is usually fried and marinated in a dressing with vinegar, oil , onion and chili pepper to finally serve it cold. In Bolivia it is prepared with pork, chicken or vegetables, while in Argentina pickled aubergines are very popular.

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