What is manager?

What Does manager Mean

A manager is someone who manages : that is, who is in charge of organizing, managing or promoting a project, an activity or a business . There are different types of managers that fulfill different tasks according to their scope of action.

An administrative manager has the function of promoting, expediting and verifying procedures of companies or individuals in public offices . Their work is generally regulated by law.
It is common for administrative managers to be specialists in administrative law . Their intervention consists of acting on behalf of legal or natural persons before the public administration, seeking to guarantee that rights are respected and obligations are fulfilled.

An automobile manager , meanwhile, is a professional specialized in the registration of automobiles in the competent bodies . This manager, therefore, is in a position to provide advice to his client and to obtain and control the documents that are required to be presented at the time of the sale of a vehicle.
Another kind of manager is the cultural manager , dedicated to promoting art . The cultural manager usually participates as an intermediary between the artists and private or state entities with the aim of disseminating the works.
Inside a company, called project manager to the individual who is assigned the responsibility to design and implement a project . This concept usually appears in the field of architecture and construction, for example.
In computing , finally, managers are various programs or applications that contribute to the management or organization of information. It is possible to speak of password manager , file manager , etc.

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