What is mall?

What Does mall Mean

The first meaning of the concept of boulevard mentioned by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) in its dictionary refers to a place with the presence of poplars . A poplar, also known as poplar , is a tree that belongs to the genus Populus .

Also it called the mall walks presenting poplars and, by extension, all the rides that have any kind of tree. The avenues, in this sense, can count on plane trees, elms, oaks, chestnuts and other trees.
For example: “We walked along the mall holding hands, enjoying the gentle autumn breeze” , “Neighbors expressed their displeasure at the government's decision to cut down several trees from the mall” , “Investigators found a body in the Alameda that reaches the stream ” .

There are several famous malls around the world. In Mexico City , to cite one case, is the Alameda Central : a park with more than four centuries of history that was remodeled several times and that presents, in addition to trees, different sculptures and fountains.
In the same way, we cannot overlook the famous Alameda de Hércules in the city of Seville. It is one of the most emblematic corners of the Andalusian capital and even in all of Europe. And it is that it dates from the year 1574, so it is considered the oldest public garden of all those that have been maintained in the aforementioned continent.
It is located between the Guadalquivir river and the Macarena neighborhood and has a series of works of art and buildings that are worth noting. Among the latter is the well-known Casa de las Sirenas, which is a 19th century mansion and if it has that name it is because it includes two mermaids on its front.
Very close to the Alameda de Hércules is the birthplace of one of the most illustrious Sevillian and Spanish writers of all time. We are referring to the poet Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer.
The Alameda de Cervantes , located in the Spanish town of Soria, is a garden very popular public. Called La Dehesa in colloquial speech, this avenue includes ornamental fountains , monuments and even a hermitage.
The Alameda de los Descalzos (located in the Peruvian capital, Lima ), the Alameda del Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins (in Santiago de Chile ) and the Alameda El Porvenir (a pedestrian walkway in Colombia ) are other outstanding avenues.
It is worth mentioning that Alameda is also the name of a county in California ( United States ) and a municipality in Malaga ( Spain ). To the north of the province of Malaga is this population, of about 5,400 inhabitants, which is located 73 kilometers from the capital. It has been discovered that it was already populated in the Neolithic and that Romans, Carthaginians or Iberians also passed through its lands.

Among its tourist attractions are its Roman baths, the Church of the Immaculate Conception and a necropolis of Chalcolithic origin. Not to mention that there is also the grave of the famous bandit Jose María Hinojosa Covacho, better known as “El tempranillo”.

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