What is majesty?

What Does majesty Mean

Before entering fully into the meaning of the term majesty, we are going to proceed to know its etymological origin. It is a word that derives from Latin, exactly from "maiestas", which means "quality of greatness" and which is the result of the sum of two lexical components of said language:

-The adjective "magis", which is synonymous with "big".

-The suffix “-tad”, which is used to indicate “quality”.

The first meanings mentioned in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) refer to superiority over other people and seriousness in actions and in the face.
In addition to those already mentioned, other words that can function as synonyms for majesty are royalty, dignity, lordship, splendor and even solemnity. Among its antonyms, on the other hand, are from insignificance to humility.
The most common use of the concept , however, is linked to a treatment or title given to monarchs and to God . According to the context, the term is written with a lowercase or capital letter.

Take the case of King Felipe VI of Spain . The formal treatment includes expressions such as "your majesty" or "your excellence . " If the expression does not include the monarch's name, it can be capitalized or lowercase at the beginning. For example : "Your Majesty will arrive at 5:00 PM" , "Your Majesty will arrive at 5:00 PM" . On the other hand, if the name also appears, it is always in lower case: "His Majesty Felipe VI will arrive at 5 pm" .
The formula "his graceful majesty" , meanwhile, is used to name the kings of England : "The troops of his graceful majesty took these lands by fire and blood a long time ago" , "The government of his graceful majesty has invested millions pounds in the fight against terrorism ” , “ His gracious majesty plans to meet with the Japanese emperor in the next few days ” .
Finally, the phrase "his divine majesty" alludes to God : "I decided to consecrate my life to his divine majesty" , "Hundreds of missionaries took the word of his divine majesty to the aboriginal communities of the region" , "I wish to live according to the teachings of his divine majesty ” .
In the cultural sphere, we come across numerous works that use the term we are dealing with in their titles. This would be the case, for example, of the movie "His Majesty of the South Seas." It is part of the adventure genre, it was released in 1954 and is directed by the filmmaker Byron Haskin.
To all this we must add that it is based on the life of the Irishman David O'Keefe (1824 - 1901). He emigrated to Savannah, managed to survive a shipwreck and amassed a significant fortune with the production of rai stones.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that in Ecuador there is a radio station that responds to the name of Radio Majestad. It is exactly located in Quito and has musical programs as well as other topical ones.

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