What is majestic?

What Does majestic Mean

The first thing we are going to do to know the meaning of the term majestic is to discover its etymological origin. In this case, it must be established that it derives from Latin, specifically it is the result of adding several lexical components:

-The adjective “magis”, which can be translated as “great”.

-The quality suffix “-tat”.

-The suffix “-oso”, which is used to indicate “abundance”.

The adjective majestic is used to qualify that or that which has majesty : greatness, integrity. The majestic, therefore, is splendid or solemn .
For example: “The Philharmonic Orchestra gave a majestic open-air concert” , “The playing field looked majestic in the final of the tournament” , “The majestic landscapes of the province captivated me” .

Other words that can function as synonyms for majestic, in addition to those indicated, are august, stately, majestic, sublime, magnificent, grand and even regal. On the contrary, among its antonyms we come across terms such as simple or modest, among others.
The idea of majestic is associated with the shocking or moving . The lion , to cite one case, is often referred to as a majestic animal . His great bearing, his mane and his roars are worth this qualification.
A majestic palace , meanwhile, stands out for its luxury . If the building has fifty rooms and parlors with gold decorations, high-quality furniture, and artwork on the walls, many will appeal to this notion to emphasize its exceptional qualities.
It can be said, in a broad sense, that a majestic place impresses with its characteristics , being beautiful or immense , to name two possibilities.
In Brazil , the Classic Majestic is called the confrontation between the two most popular teams in São Paulo : São Paulo FC and Corinthians . The sports journalist Thomaz Mazzoni (1900-1970) was the one who coined the expression “Classic Majestic” .
In the same way, we cannot ignore that there is a song that uses the term in question in its title. We are referring to "Majestic Victorious", which is religious in nature and is performed by singer Brynner Vallecilla.
Finally, “Johny Tolengo, el majestuoso” is the title of a film that revolves around a character played by the Argentine actor Juan Carlos Calabró both in film and on TV. In fiction , Johny Tolengo is a singer loved by children who is characterized by his extravagant costumes and who amuses himself with his peculiar way of dancing.

Also, we can not forget the novel "The Dreams of Terabytes of the Majestic Lord." This is a short novel written by Ralph Clayton and revolves around a figure who dreams of being absolutely free, but does not have it easy at all because his past haunts him.
In addition, no less significant is the existence of a collection of works entitled "The majestic book of ...". Within it are works as interesting as "The majestic book of fantastic beings", "The majestic book of dinosaurs" or "The majestic book of marine animals".

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