What is mainstream?

What Does mainstream Mean

Mainstream is a term that is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ), although it is usually used in our language. The word belongs to the English language and can be translated as “mainstream” .

The predominant or most popular trend in a certain area is mentioned as mainstream . Mass culture and entertainment are also called mainstream , as opposed to the underground .
The mainstream music , for example, is one that is often heard on stations Radio and on TV . These are genres and styles that suit the preferences of the majority of the population and are therefore easy to market. That is why mainstream artists have the support of record companies, since they generate a product for mass consumption.

A pop singer with catchy themes and an aesthetic considered attractive is likely to become a mainstream figure. On the other hand, a death metal band will not be part of the mainstream because their songs , due to their characteristics, are not broadcast in the main media and do not reach millions of listeners.
Sometimes an under artist ends up becoming a mainstream artist. This may be because he changed his style or because society changed and, for some reason, he started to consume another type of music, previously chosen by a minority.
Beyond music , the notion of mainstream also appears in cinema, theater and other branches of culture. The idea is always associated with massiveness .
In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore the existence of what is known as mainstream media. This is a term that is used to refer to the main media of a place. Thus, for example, if we talk about the mainstream media in Spain, we can establish that among these are from the newspaper "El País" to the television network La 1 de RTVE through the radio network SER.
At an international level, the mainstream media include the newspaper "The New York Times", the CBS television network, the Associated Press news agency and even the CNN television channel.
Likewise, we cannot forget the mainstream concept of gender. This is synonymous with transversality and it is a concept that has been created recently to establish the need to incorporate the gender perspective into the lines of work of the different public powers. That is, among other things, it is committed to the fact that equality between men and women is a reality at all levels of society.
It is precisely for this reason that various initiatives are being carried out in order to achieve the aforementioned objective. This would be the case, for example, of the initiative developed by the UN whose main ambassador is the British actress Emma Watson, who has been working for years to promote this equality.

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